3 Most Livable Cities in the World You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever wondered what makes a city better for the people living in it? There is no correct answer to this question but it is nevertheless intriguing to find it out through various means and surveys which most researchers and anthropologists are always indulged in finding out. According to a recent survey conducted by an independent organization, A quality of Living survey was conducted on the basis of a combination of 39 variable factors. This survey has given the results which might surprise many as the cities list as the most livable ones are completely unexpected.

Without getting into the complication of the research methodology, let us see the results and find out what makes these cities more special than the rest. By the way, if you feel like visiting any of these countries, here are some amazing Expedia Vouchers to get you some exciting travel deals on online bookings.

Let us take a look at the 3 Most livable cities that you didn’t know about

Geneva, Switzerland

switzerlandIt is not a surprise to see a city from Switzerland on this list. After all, the country has always scored high in the standard of living index. Geneva is one of the more popular cities in the country and it is also known as the ‘Peace Capital’ due to the fact that it holds the head office of the United Nations Headquarters. Geneva lies in the Romandy territory of Switzerland known for its French-speaking majority. It is one of the most important International cities in the world for its involvement in the diplomatic ties between the different nations of the world and the UN headquarters and peacekeeping initiatives are mostly controlled through this city. The city is one of the major financial hubs of the region and is a headquarter of many other renowned organizations such as the Red Cross, the Geneva Convention and many other major international groups and companies. This city is a place worth visiting or probably living instead.

Copenhagen, Denmark

CopenhagemThe capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen gained a really massive boost thanks to its hard efforts in the last few years. The country has followed many initiatives to keep the city more sustainable and eco-friendly. The government of Denmark has been working hard to keep the city on a steady growth in important sectors such as Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Cleanliness.  The city has lately become famous for the increasing number of people leaving the automobiles and using bicycles instead to make the city pollution free. These invaluable and determined actions of the people of this city have now started yielding fruits.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney AustraliaPeople used to believe that Melbourne is the best place to live in Australia as several surveys have been showing it amongst the top. But in this recent analysis done on the compilation of 39 different aspects, Sydney has shown better results than the country’s major metropolitan counterpart, Melbourne. Sydney has been known for its multi-cultural and vibrant society for a long time and it is no surprise to see it on this list, to be honest. there are a lot of things and places that would attract you in Sydney but still, the most interesting part of it is the people who live in it who make this pace exceptional with their warmth, affection and friendliness. You can book a trip to Sydney, the gateway to Australia, using the Klook Voucher Codes and avail amazing travel discounts right now.

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