3 Awesome Cities in Australia That Will Win Your Heart

Being the largest island on the face of the earth and still having almost 70% of its area uninhibited by human population is a stark contrast that is not found anywhere else. The most of the population of Australia resides on the sea coasts within 50 miles from the ocean.  This is itself a major reason why the population density of Australia is shockingly low and the number of cities evolved on the land is less than meagre 100. But apart from these scant data, there is a much more to the life and the people living in those cities.

Australia happens to have a few of the most loved cities in the world and it is indeed the beauty of the place and the people living there which makes those cities loved by travellers visiting the country. If you want to experience the sheer joy and pleasure which makes the Australian cities lovable, you ought to visit them. You can use these Klook Vouchers for booking your trip to Australia and avail exclusive discounts on your travel packages.


SydneyIt is the largest city in the country and serves as the gateway through which most of the international tourists enter the country. It is hard to find a better place than Sydney to begin a journey. The city has a very pleasant vibe that attracts any first-time visitor towards it. There are a plenty of famous places that you could see in Sydney and the Sydney Harbour Bridge being the most iconic of them all. The beaches with the glittery golden coloured sand and mildly moving breezes cast a soothing effect on your mind like none other. The people of the city are too friendly to be true and it can be hard to believe if two strangers can get on with a conversation and become buddies within an hour or two. It shows the enigma and the magic of this beautiful city on a person.


Melbourne1The second largest city in Australia in Melbourne which does not has a seafront or warm sunshine as you could get in Sydney but it is still a place that feeds the travel appetite of any visitor with aplomb. Melbourne is usually colder than the average temperature in Australia. The city is known for its cultural significance, as a hub of sports and cafes. The city consists of a plethora of Museum and galleries that give insight into Australian culture. There is always a sports event going on in the city and it is outrageous fun to witness it along with thousands of enthusiasts people cheering their teams.


HobartHobart is the capital city of the Tasmanian state and it is located at some distance from the southern coastline. The Museum of Old and New Arts commonly known as MONA is one of the best contemporary museums in the world that showcases an impeccable collection of contemporary art. Hobart has a very gorgeous landscape with big mountains covered with snow and stunning views all around. The best place to experience the mesmerizing sights of the region is from the Mount Wellington summit. The culinary delicacies and the local markets of Hobart have a ubiquitous charm.

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