Scenic Places To Visit In Europe!

Thinking of escaping the hectic city life and dreaming of exploring some of the most mesmerizing, drop-dead gorgeous places in Europe? But don’t know where to star? Then here a travel guide that will introduce you to some of the most beautiful and scenic cities in Europe that will surely leave you speechless.

Right from Italy to Germany to England and France, there are many incredibly beautiful places in Europe, famed for their scintillating beauty and vistas.

While this summer holidays, if you think of visiting Europe and cannot decide where to go to admire stunning beauty, then read on the following checklist of most scenic cities and places of the country. Scroll down to read more-

Crete, Greece!


The birthplace of Modern European Civilization, Crete is truly a Mediterranean gem. Blessed with rich archaeological and mythological history, this fascinating scenic place is hard to miss. The place provides a sweet taste of ancient Greece with ancient ruins and cultural attractions like monasteries, Minoan ruins, and Rethymnon fortresses.

Vienna, Austria!


Home to the iconic music of Beethoven, Mozart, and Strauss, Vienna is an Austrian capital that flaunts carved cherubs, flamboyant figureheads and of course the illustrative architecture of dramatic domes. It is one of the quinessential cities in Europe full of art, culture, and music overflowing into the classy Parisian-style boulevards. Vienna is a great destination for romantic roamers.

Lucerne, Switzerland!


Admire the uniqueness of colorful old town, covered bridges, and turreted buildings in Lucerne, a place that will make you feel like reading a page in Swiss storybook. Nestled on the shores of Lake Lucerne, this picture-perfect hub is widely known for Swiss Alps. Right from walking down the beloved Kappelbrucke which is the oldest covered bridge of Europ to enjoying a healthy and delightful home-brewed beer at Rathaus Brauerei, Lucerne is a perfect scenic destination for you to explore in Europe.

Venice, Italy!


Often referred to as the most romantic and beautiful place in Europe, Venice is a must-visit scenic destination. It offers the amorous experience to couples as they get to enjoy gondola rides down the Grand Canal, try a multitude of eateries, explore historic sites, theatres and churches together. Venice, in other words, is truly an enchanting romantic destination for romantic roamers.

Florence, Italy!


Historic, beautiful, charming and scintillating, all these are perfect synonyms that are often used to describe the mesmerizing beauty of Florence. By providing you an authentic taste of Italy, Florence is another must-visit place in Europe blessed with mouthwatering cuisine, quaint hotels, world-famous museums, and stunning architecture. Florence is a great place to visit for honeymooners and romantic roamers seeking to spend quality time together.

So, these are the few most scenic places in Europe that are worth exploring while you are thinking to take a break from your daily busy life in the United Kingdom. To make your holidays extraordinary and blissful, make sure you sign up to a reliable travel portal like Expedia and don’t forget to avail Expedia discount code to enjoy the maximum saving.


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