3 Cultural Experiences in Bangkok That Are Worth Taking

Bangkok is apparently the most visited city for tourism in the entire world. As soon as you land in the city, you won’t take time to learn the reason why it is so popular tourism hub. Bangkok city is the capital of Thailand and it has a number of shades from one place to the other. The city varies a lot in its different areas as it shows something new with each turn you take. There are a number of incredible tourism sites which is obviously the reason why people visit Bangkok in the first place.

But to be honest, such a hub of tourism could often lead the first time visitors into confusion as they would find it hard to figure what to do and where to go amidst the array of options at their disposal. So here you need to follow the simple basic idea which is to find the intricate aspects of the city and its specialities. You can easily customize your tour accordingly and avail Cheapest Travel Deals for Bangkok with the Klook Promo Code for saving a great sum on your travel booking.  There are a number of places that one can explore in Bangkok but these 4 experiences offer the best cultural insight of this place.

The Grand Palace

The Grand PalaceThis is one of the most respected places of the Thai Royal Reign where the Thai Kings used to conduct their courtroom gatherings during the medieval era. The Palace is splendid and marvellous with its shiny golden colour exhibiting a wonderful glaze, especially under the lights. The palace was built in the late 17th century and it has served the Kingdom for over 150 years of time. In spite of being not used for a long time, the beauty of this palace still gathers a hefty number of tourists with its charismatic structure and historical appeal.

Floating Market

Floating MarketsThe floating market is a very unique concept of this place and it has not been witnessed anywhere else. The market is basically organized on the wooden rafts or rowboats where the vendors come with their products such as farm vegetables, fruits and flowers while customers are also supposed to reach with the help tour boats. There are a variety of other vendors too such as the seafood vendors, fast food vendors and other eatables are also sold in this floating market.  At the end of the day, all these vendors float back with their respective wooden boats back to their homes.

Wat Arun Temple

Wat ArunIt is one of the most well-recognized works of architecture of South East Asia and particularly hailed for it’s for the impressive silhouette constructed on its spiral-shaped towers. This temple is a creation of the Khmer style of architecture which was developed in the reign of the Khmer empire. This temple has a religious, cultural and historical significance as it symbolizes the change of capital after the last capital Ayutthaya was destructed in the past. The stupa of this temple is known for its ornate floral designs which are crafted on the shining porcelain, a really fine artwork. The historic belief associated with the temple has also given it the name ‘Temple of the Dawn’.

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