3 Ultimate Luxury Resort in Thailand for a Splendid Stay

There is no denying Thailand has got some of the most extravagant resorts in the world. Few of its top resorts are often listed amongst the best in the world. The most iconic aspect of these resorts is their incredible locations that give a very unbelievably pleasant experience for anybody who stays in it. But apart from their scenic beauty and surroundings, the premium luxury and comfort which these resorts offer is not any lesser than even the best in their trade. And astonishingly, some of these fabulous luxury resorts don’t even get the fame they rightly deserve.

So here we will suggest three outrageously ravish luxury resorts that you can choose for a splendid stay in Thailand. You can also book these resorts online and save big time on your booking amount using these hotels.com voucher codes. So that you not only book the room of your preference but also get them at the lowest prices too.

Paresa Resort Phuket

paresaIf you start searching for the tourist destinations in Thailand, Phuket will always feature at the top of the list. It has a really wonderful beach along with some really captivating scenic landscape on the nearby lands. You can visit the waterfalls, hike in the lush green landscapes and rejoice the beauty of nature at its extreme best. And if you ask me, the Paresa Resort in itself a very capable reason that should draw you to this place. You can not imagine the luxurious stay which this resort serves and it would not be an exaggeration to say that a resort can’t get any better than what this resort is. It has all the top-level premium services for its residents and provides every modern facilities at its best. The resort is widely regarded for its two awesome restaurants which have been operating separately. One of them is just restricted to serving the original Thai dishes which gives the people the real taste of Thai cuisines and authentic flavour of traditional preparation.  The seating arrangement complements the entire experience and takes it to the next level. For people who want western dishes, there is a separate restaurant which also serves equally delightful and tasty food. There are 49 guestrooms along with an infinity pool for swimmers and lo0unge for those who want to have some rest.

Vana Belle

vana belleThis resort is situated on the Koh Samui island located in the Gulf of Thailand in the Andaman sea. Vana Belle is a rated 5-star resort with exceptional offerings for the visitors. The resort is widely popular for its amazing infinity swimming pool on the beachfront which virtually gives a feel as if you are in the midst of the sea. The resort offers all the premium services that you would expect from a luxury resort. You can enjoy the pristine sea view from the balcony of the room itself which is specially made for the same reason. The resort also provides Benz’s service to its guests and takes them for a ride to explore the different parts of the island. The visitors can also have a romantic candlelight dinner right on the water. The food served by the resort is delicious and cooked to perfection. Though there is a limited number of dishes served by the hotel, yet those dishes inarguably taste the best that it could have been.

Pimalai Resort

Pimalai resortThere are a number of islands of Thailand in the adjoining Andaman Sea and it would not be wrong to say that they are also the best that Thailand has.  This resort is unique because of the location that keeps it away from those crowded beaches that you would often find in Thailand. This island promises tranquillity and privacy like none other where anyone can come and get a slice of a life experience. The background of mountains full of dense green forest ensures that this resort keeps itself isolated from the limelight as it wouldn’t get into notice on a mere glance. The resort might be isolated, but it is no short when it comes to luxury as it provided uncompromised services to its guests and also has its own spa and massage centre where you can get pampered by the expert massage therapists. Due to its lesser crowded beach location, this resort is an awesome place for those who want a few days of respite far from the overcrowded city life.


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