Thailand Is The Perfect Spot For Every Type Of Traveler!

Traveling to Thailand is not just traveling to another country but it is way beyond that. About majority of people, those who have visited the country can’t stop describing its interesting saga, tales and what they love about the place. If you are traveling to Thailand then I must ensure you that you have chosen the right place where you are planning a family vacation, romantic honeymoon or even for some corporate meetings; the country will definitely live up to your expectations.

If you are among some exception who is reading the blog and not a fan of Thailand then you should continue to read on as you are definitely going to make Thailand your ideal destination after the blog finishes.

I’ll give you few reasons that why you should travel to Thailand?
  • If you love to party on a hot-spot and want to have fun unlimited.
  • If budget is your concern, then also you should forget budget as this place is for all who wishes to travel on a budget.
  • If you love white sand beaches and want to spend some quality time with your loved ones.
  • If food is your weakness, then it a place full of delicious foods.
  • If you love the feel of mountains then here you will find some beautiful lush mountains.

Well yes, the above-said points are true and hold an important place in every traveler’s life. There are some more interesting things to do in Thailand, check out below:

1. Enjoy an ethical elephant experience in Chiang Mai


Elephants in Thailand are the most famous and to see ethical elephants is also one of the greatest experience you can have. But, before you decide to go to a place, you must do your research beforehand as there are many places who exploit and mistreat the animals.

To have an unforgettable ethical elephant experience, you can head to Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai. They rescue and help the mistreated dumbos and that is why this place would be ideal for you to travel if you want to enjoy the happiness with elephants. There you can ride on them, feed them, bathe them, and even can take a nice walk with them.

I mentioned this as the number one point as this experience in Thailand should never be ignored but you should make it your top priority as a visit.

2. Relax and Chill On Koh Nang Yuan Island

Koh Nang Yuan Island

This island is nothing near to any ordinary island, here you will find some space with your loved ones. Here, your desire to see tropical, jungle-covered, sand-strip island dreams will become true.

Two gorgeous looking mountains islands are connected by the beautiful Nangyuan Island beach which makes the place more beautiful. You can enjoy the place by hiring a private boat from Koh Tao and travel across the island. As you can see in the above picture, which truly explains the beauty of the island and how fun it will be if you visit there.

3. Watch the sunrise on a hot air balloon

hot air balloon

Imagine, you are taken up more than 1000 feet on a hot air balloon over Chiang Mai, how breathtaking and a glorious sight it would be, right? Well yes, the city Chiang Mai is a wonderful place from any perspective and to be on a hot air balloon and watching the sunrise on the city is another sight to behold (quite poetic it would be)!

So, if you are have planned to make your presence in Thailand by now, this is also one of the greatest experience which one must take on their trip.

4. Snorkel around Koh Tao


Snorkelling is yet another adventurous activity which most people love to do in Thailand as it is the cheapest way to enjoy the most famous underwater delight of Koh Tao. You can buy or borrow a cheap snorkel and can dive into the water all alone. This will be convenient to those who are looking for a budget holiday and still want to experience every beauty of Thailand.

Just ensure the weather and sea conditions beforehand so that you do not have to face any problem afterward as you are doing it alone. Also, visit Lighthouse and Mango Bays where you will see crystal clear water and rainbow colored fishes.

5. Songkran Water Festival is yet another opportunity for travelers


Songkran Water Festival is held in Thailand on New Year’s Eve and is considered one of the biggest water fight in the world. So, if you are traveling in mid-April, then you will be lucky enough to experience this festival and make a splash in this high energy and exciting tradition.

Anybody can participate in this festival from locals to travelers and tourists. Everyone comes in the streets with their water guns, buckets, bottles, and hoses; and enjoy the fun fight with water by soaking themselves into it.

So, what’s your take on Thailand?

By now, you all must have decided to explore the beautiful country Thailand as it has many interesting things to offer a traveler. This country is a must visit at least once in a lifetime, if you really want to have the best vacation of your life.

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